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The Tuxedo

Jimmy Tong is a taxi driver notorious for his speed and ability to drive his customers to anywhere in the smallest amount of time. His reputation gets him a job as the personal limo driver of the mysterious millionaire Clark Devlin. After a mystifying accident leading Devling to get cured in the hospital, Tong dícovers that his new boss is actually a secret agent for the CSA, a top-level security agency. The key to Devlin's success in his espionage is his trademark tuxedo, a suit armed with special gadgets which turns him into a high-tech fighting machine. After Tong dons the tuxedo and is transformed into a martial arts master, he takes over for Devlin's mission and on the way to chase down a gang of international super-villains. In this accidental mission, he has to deal with Devlin's new partner, Del Blaine, a CSA rookie who is just as baffled by her new assignment as Tong.

Duration: 98 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2002

IMDb: 5.2

00:00 98:00